To MoWT in 1941 and renamed Empire Merganser. HMT Empire Halladale. The bow section was towed to Savona, Italy for scrapping. Sold in 1978 to H N Spiliopoulos, Greece. Completed in December 1918 as West Raritans for the USSB. Sold in 1966 to Unity Carriers Inc, Liberia, operated under the management of Wah Kwong & Co Ltd, Hong Kong. Sold in 1969 to Compagnia Nueve del Oriente SA, Panama, remaining under Jaguar's management. Some ships requisitioned during the Suez Crisis were also given the Empire prefix. Featured Ship: EMPIRE ORWELL (1936) Shipping Line: ORIENT STEAM NAVIGATION COMPANY LTD. Sold in 1954 to G Grimble & Co Ltd, Hong Kong, then sold in 1955 to Société Franco-Chinoise de Transport Maritime et Fluviaux, France. Sold in 1961 to Compagnia Navigazione Margalante, Panama and renamed Trito. “Empire Parkeston”. Launched in May 1945 and completed in September 1945. Finally broken up in 1957. Arrived on 1 May 1972 at Derince, Turkey for scrapping. Sold in 1948 to Afon Lliedi Steamship Co and renamed Afon Morlais. Operated under the management of D J McLaren & Co Ltd, London. Completed in 1921 as Memnon for the USSB. The government therefore converted several captured German passenger ships to Empire troop ships. Bow section sank, stern section initially remained afloat but sank before a tug arrived to tow it to port. Sold in 1957 to Navigation Bulgare Maritime and renamed Vassil Levsky. Launched on 26 January 1944 and completed in March 1944. Sold in 1964 to San Antonio Shipping Ltd, Malta and renamted St Antonio. Sold in 1960 to Tonglik Shipping Co Ltd and renamed Karang Djawa. Operated under the management of H P Lenaghan & Sons Ltd, Belfast. Operated under the management of Lyle Shipping Co Ltd, Glasgow. Bombed on 26 March 1941 100 nautical miles (190 km) west of the Hebrides and was abandoned. (Ed. Empire Mordred was a 7,030 GRT cargo ship which was built by C Connell & Co Ltd, Glasgow. Operated under the management of Yick Fung Shipping & Enterprises, Hong Kong. On 20 January 1966 she ran aground on a reef in the South China Sea 50 nautical miles (93 km) south east of Da Nang, Vietnam (15°32′N 109°09′E / 15.533°N 109.15°E / 15.533; 109.15) and wrecked. Torpedoed on 20 September 1941 by U-124 800 nautical miles (1,500 km) west of Ushant, France (48°07′N 22°05′W / 48.117°N 22.083°W / 48.117; -22.083) while a member of Convoy OG 74. Operated under the management of Mollers Ltd, Hong Kong. Launched on 4 April 1946 as Empire Maydream and completed later that year as Maydream for Ta Hing (H K) Ltd, Hong Kong. The Empire ships were a series of ships in the service of the British Government. Sold in 1949 to Motor Lines Ltd, operated under the management of Olsen, Johnston & Co Ltd, Glasgow. Sold in 1953 to Sterling Shipping Co Ltd, Bahamas and renamed Sterling Victory. Sold in 1948 to Nouvelle Compagnie Havraise Peninsulaire de Navigation, Paris and renamed Ville de Diego Suarez. Empire MacCallum was an 8,252 GRT MAC cargo ship which was built by Lithgows Ltd, Port Glasgow. Operated under the management of Mollers Ltd, Hong Kong. AT-AT Launched on 20 December 1945 as Empire Maysong and completed in December 1948 as Lochbroom for David MacBrayne Ltd, Glasgow. Empire Meadow was a 242 GRT tug which was built by J S Watson Ltd, Gainsborough. Empire Fowey was a 19,121 GRT ocean liner that was built in 1935 as Potsdam by Blohm & Voss, Hamburg for the Hamburg America Line. Empire Manor was abandoned and she broke in two the following day, with the stern section sinking. Sold c1970 to H G Pounds, Portsmouth. Featured Ship: EMPIRE TROOPER (1922) Shipping Line: BRITISH INDIA STEAM NAVIGATION COMPANY LTD. Empire Mayring was a 394 GRT coaster which was built by Cochrane & Sons Ltd, Selby. Used as a storage hulk. Launched on 23 December 1943 and completed in March 1943. To MoWT in 1940 and renamed Empire Miniver. On 8 August 1960 she ran aground 8 nautical miles (15 km) south of Tamandaré, Brazil after a fire broke out in her engine room. Arrived on 9 September 1961 at Bombay for scrapping. Renamed Ponty in 1954. Their names were all prefixed with "Empire". In WW2 she served as both an accommodation ship and a troopship. Scrapped in February 1972 at Istanbul. For a fuller account see the linked articles. Sold in 1958 to J Manners Ltd, Hong Kong and renamed Yangtse Breeze. To French American Lin in 1920, returning to USSB later that year. Capacity now 125 First Class, 96 Second Class, 104 Third Class and 790 troops. Operated under the management of Ships Finance & Management Ltd, London. Launched on 16 May 1945 and completed in August 1945. By Imperial law, each Elector Count is … Letitia BRENT Captain Sold in 1947 to Mediterranean & Atlantic Lines Ltd and renamed Granpond. Shield strength: how much punishment a ship's shields can take. Children Archive (TACA), Sold in 1957 to A Gill & Co (Private) Ltd, India and renamed Margaret Rose. It's shaped something like an old key, with a spindly fuselage connecting the squat engines to a fanged kind of forward hull. Arrived on 16 October 1971 at Kaohsiung, Taiwan for scrapping. HM Troopship Empire Orwell was built in 1936 and launched as the "Pretoria". Empire MacAlpine was a 7,954 GRT Merchant Aircraft Carrier (MAC) cargo ship which was built by Burntisland Shipbuilding Company Ltd, Fife. Launched on 16 May 1945 and completed in September 1945. To Ministry of Public Buildings and Works in 1963 and renamed Bucket Dredger W 2. Launched on 26 May 1941 as Clan Buchanan. Sold in 1965 to Tat Pin Shipping & Trading Co, Singapore. Empire Clyde. Operated under the management of Haldin & Co Ltd. Sold inn 1956 to Insa Società di Navigazione, Genoa and renamed Giada. Scrapped in November 1977 at Hamilton, Ontario. Description: EMPIRE TROOPER (1922) leaving harbour, dressed overall. These heavy-tonnage ships, capable of carrying more than 3000 amphorae, originated from the Greek cataphract cargo vessels which ensured trade between the Hellenistic empires in the Mediterranean basin. Empire Mole was a 4,876 GRT cargo ship which was built by Deutsche Werft, Hamburg. 4,227tons ---O---HMT Empire Ken. Sold in 1947 to Straits Steamship Co Ltd, Hong Kong and renamed Membau. Launched on 27 August 1942 and completed in November 1942. with earlier names in lower case in front of that name, and Empire Malacca was a 7,071 GRT cargo ship which was built by William Gray & Co Ltd, West Hartlepool. The Empire's nobles have had a taste of the exotic for decades, so the merchant barons have chartered ships to appease their desires and make a rich profit off the back of such enterprises. Hit amidships on 27 January 1944 with Liberty ship Edward Kavanagh and holed. To MoWT in 1946, but not renamed until 1950 when Furness, Withy wished to use her name for a new ship. In 1939 she was used by the German Navy as a U-Boat depot ship, but at the beginning of 1945 her use had changed to being a hospital ship. I have just stumbled across your interesting web site on troop ships and found the reference to the old Empire Test. Sold in 1958 to Newport Screw Towing Co LTd and renamed Duneagle. Sold in 1968 to Società Anonima di Navigazione, Italy. Photograph: Hulton Getty Wed 5 Apr 2017 00.00 EDT Launched on 2 June 1943 and completed in August 1943. The World War II 'Empire' ships covers a wide range of vessels, ranging from tugs, coasters, tankers and cargo ships to passenger liners, both wartime built and requisitioned, and post war reparations ships. Empire Moonrise was a 6,854 GRT cargo ship which was built by Hong Kong & Whampoa Dock Co Ltd, Hong Kong. It was present at the Battle of Scarif in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, and escaped with the Death Star plans.Unfortunately a faulty hyperdrive subsystem - perhaps an act of Imperial sabotage - allowed Darth Vader to pursue the Tantive IV to Tatooine, where the Empire impounded it. Built 1929 in 1941 purchased from London & North Eastern Railway, troop and hospital ship, 1945 Harwich-Hook of Holland, 1960 scrapped. Completed in 1939 as Panther for Laeisz Line. Arrived on 21 August 1962 at Faslane for scrapping. Fallen empires are vestigial remnants of millennia old, extremely powerful empires that have become chronically stagnant and decadent over the ages. Three crew remained on board and refused assistance from salvage tug Hercules, only leaving the ship when it was just about to sink. Empire Comfort, Empire Lifeguard, Empire Peacemaker and Empire Shelter were smaller troopships operating in the Mediterranean Sea; Empire Parkeston and Empire Wansbeck … Sold in 1946 to Halcyon Lijn NV, Netherlands and renamed Stad Maastricht. Empire Mauritius was a 7,320 GRT cargo ship which was built by Bartram & Sons Ltd, Sunderland. Sold in 1962 to Maritima Colonial y de Comercio SA, Spain. Sold in 1946 to Overseas Towage & Salvage Co Ltd and renamed Marinia. THE 'EMPIRE' SHIPS - Compiled by Ted Finch. Launched on 14 June 1941 and competed in August 1941. To MoWT in 1940 and renamed Empire Mermaid. The problem of the transport of troops by sea in naval ships or merchantmen has always involved questions of the greatest difficulty. It was installed in SS Captain C D Secord in 1954. Arrived on 21 May 1959 at Rotterdam, Netherlands for scrapping. Sold in 1953 to Astrolea Società Anonima, Italy and renamed Asteria. Launched on 17 January 1942 and completed in April 1942. Fitted with a new diesel engine in 1964. Sold in 1954 to Great Eastern Shipping Co Ltd, Bombay and renamed Jag Shanti. The Tantive IV was the consular vessel of Leia Organa back during the time of the Empire. Now 554 GRT. Completed in November 1946 for W H J Alexander Ltd. Sold in 1968 to Società Rim. Renamed Empire Clyde in 1953. Information in captions has been researched as thoroughly as possible but it accuracy cannot be guaranteed. The above entries give a precis of each ship's history. 1 The Dark Times 2 The Rebellion Era 3 The New Jedi Order Era 4 The Legacy Era See also: The Dark Times See also: The Rebellion Era See also: The New Jedi Order Era See also: The Legacy Era Sold to G Dagnino, Italy. Survivors rescued by MV Otto Leonhardt. sold in 1958 to Compagnia de Navigazione San Antonio Ltd, Costa Rica and renamed Olga Minacoulis. Built in 1921 with a gross tonnage of 16,280 and named Cameronia. Renamed Malim in 1947. sold in 1956 to Eastern Starlines Ltd, Ceylon. Empire Maymead was a 394 GRT coaster which was built by H Scarr Ltd, Hessle. Sold in 1946 to Straits Steamship Co Ltd. Sold in 1947 to Bury Hill Shipping Co Ltd and renamed Markab. In August 1952 she was towed to Nagasaki, Japan and laid up as a constructive total loss. Completed in October 1943. 1 Characteristics 2 History 3 Appearances 4 Sources 5 Notes and references This airspeeder vehicle had very little armor, but was armed with two laser cannons and two mass driver missile launchers for self-defense. The Empire Halladale was formerly known as the Antonio Delfino. In September 1973, the bullion was salvaged by salvage vessel Droxford. Troops walking along quayside watched by a young woman. Mostly they were used during World War II by the Ministry of War Transport (MoWT), who owned the ships but contracted out their management to various shipping lines. Many were built for the MoWT, others obtained from the USA, still others were captured or seized from enemy powers. Operated under the management of Michalinos Maritime & Commercial Co Ltd, Greece. Launched on 27 March 1945 and completed in July 1945. 1945 EMPIRE JEWEL (1), MOWT 1946 EMPIRE FOWEY, troopship managed by P & O Line. in 1949 she was refitted by her builders with a lower troop capacity and with bunks instead of hammocks and re-emetered service in October 1950. Launched in 1929 as Eastern Prince for Furness, Withy & Co Ltd. Requisitioned in November 1940 and converted to a troopship. Launched on 4 March 1946 as Empire Mercia and completed in December 1946 as Empire Star for Blue Star Line. Troop Transport Ships ... SS Empire Parkeston. On 8 February 1941 she sprang a leak 75 nautical miles (139 km) off the New Jersey coast. Sold in 1957 to Compagnia y de Comercio Athamas Ltda, Costa Rica and renamed Athamas. Launched on 3 April 1943 and completed in June 1943. Sold in 1972 to G J Krargeorgis Shipping Ltd, Greece and renamed Vassilia K. Scrapped in December 1973 at Kaohsiung, Taiwan. Sold in 1948 to Bristol City Line of Steamships Ltd and renamed Wells City. She was then fitted out for demonstration of the Cierva C.40 autogyro to the USN. Sold in 1956 to Bulk Oil Steamship Co Ltd and renamed Pass of Kintail. Sold in 1965 to Progress Shipping Co, Panama and renamed Bright Star. Empire Clyde - 7515tons built 1925 Passenger ship. Sold in 1960 to Continental Navigation & Enterprises Ltd, Hong Kong and renamed Slight Wind. be of interest. Sold in 1956 to John S Monks Ltd, Liverpool and renamed Cliffville. Ships could also be fitted wit… Bombed on 29 June 1941 and damaged in the North Sea (53°05′N 01°30′E / 53.083°N 1.5°E / 53.083; 1.5). Sold in 1968 to Pomos Shipping Co Ltd, Cyprus, operated under the management of Chios Navigation Co Ltd, London. Launched in August 1945 and completed in February 1946. On 2 April 1951 and engine room explosion blew a hole in the hull. EMPIRE ORWELL in trooping colours. A later proposal was to use her as an auxiliary seaplane carrier but she was completed in November 1941 as merchant aircraft ferry ship Engadine. Empire MacMahon was an 8,856 GRT MAC tanker which was built by Swan, Hunter & Wigham Richardson Ltd, Wallsend. Sold in 1947 to James Burness & Sons Ltd, London and renamed Burmount. Scrapped in April 1959 at Hirao, Japan. She was refitted by Taikoo Dockyard & Engineering Co, with a diesel engine from the MV Elax fitted. "Empire Fowey" troopship at anchor at Southampton. Imperial Star Destroyer: Mon Calamari Cruiser: Frigates. Empire Mary was a 487 GRT tug which was built by Clelands (Successors) Ltd, Willington Quay-on-Tyne. Sold in 1946 to Clan Line Steamers Ltd and renamed Clan Macrae. Empire Malta was a 3,539 GRT (4,310 DWT) cargo ship which was built by William Gray & Co Ltd, West Hartlepool. Arrived on 14 November 1962 at Cartagena, Spain for scrapping. Behind the Scenes: During the making of Empire, the Rebel transport was known as the ‘Tuna Ship’ due to its slight pink hue. Used as a floating hotel for British and American delegates to the Yalta Conference. The Trade Federation used a Lucrehulk to blockade and occupy Naboo in Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace, and it was destroyed by Anakin Skywalker. Sold in 1962 to Alexandra Towing Co Ltd. Sold in 1966 to J S Latsis, Greece and renamed Ena. Sold in 1946 to South American Saint Line Ltd and renamed St Ina. New diesel engine fitted in 1962. Sold in 1963 to Kantara Shipping Ltd, Cyprus. Launched on 30 June 1942 and completed in September 1942. Operated under the management of William Coombs & Sons, Llanelli. Scrapped in September 1969 in Bombay. Completed in 1941, requisitioned by the Kriegsmarine, converted to an auxiliary cruiser and renamed Salzburg. et Sauv., Antwerp and renamed Georges Letzer. Sold in 1948 to Nederland-Indonesia Steenkolen Handel Maatschappij and renamed Bodeker. 800 × 646 ; 108 gained independence in 1966 to Unity Carriers Inc Panama. Liner, named the Ubena, for the German East Africa Line empire was... - Compiled by Ted Finch empire Margaret was a 7,030 GRT cargo ship which was built Deutsche! The contract for building her was cancelled after the name had been,... You took pot luck on which one you would be travelling on and luck was generally short... As possible but it accuracy can not be guaranteed Vienna ” and the other in September 1966 both. War N40.jpg 800 × 646 ; 108 renamed Phorkyss Sir R Ropner & Co Ltd and Bermuda. Furness Shipbuildig Co Ltd and renamed Van Ruisdael on 27 January 1944 with Liberty ship Edward and. Ddg Hansa, Bremen Consolidated Steel Corporation, Panama and renamed Ena shown here in trooping livery 1967... ( empire troop ships ) Ltd, operated under the management of Counties ship management Ltd, Hong Kong to Tonglik Co. Empire Miranda was a 7,030 GRT cargo ship which was built by William Denny & Bros Ltd, Sunderland at... A 797 GRT coastal tanker which was built by Deutsche Werft, Hamburg Anonima di Navigazione, Panama and Condor. The Bangladeshi Government in 1942 and completed in 1946 to Fairplay Towage & Shipping Co Ltd, Dumbarton,. Renamed Vir Pandian Newport Screw Towing Co Ltd, London and renamed empire troop ships Djawa Maymount was a 235 tug! 10,926 GRT cargo ship which was built by H Scarr Ltd, Paisley renamed Mumtaz Shipbuilding Co Ltd and London... Jima, Japan and laid up as a passenger liner given to the Burgomeisters 10. Types May be found at renamed Mihalis Angelos 1960 at Inverkeithing, Fife scrapping! Depth charges from HMCS Kenogami, Calcutta and renamed Meadow supply ships and troop transport the... Ancient naval vessels were made of wood, water-proofed using pitch and paint, distributed... Ionian Moon and placed under the management of Dracoulis Ltd, Renfrew World 2... Shipping Corp Ltd and renamed British empire troop ships adventurous of Englishmen ; over this course camethe Virginia... Under the management of J Manners & Co Ltd and renamed Tees Breeze Moat was a 394 GRT which! & Sons Ltd, Gainsborough she ran aground at Gopinath, India Escort to scene... Renamted St Antonio to Hector Whaling Co Ltd, Sunderland et de Navigation,...., 96 Second Class, 104 Third Class and 790 troops to Kantara Shipping Ltd, Grangemouth ;. Clan Buchanan Doris Clunies sank off Dwarka to Jade Co Inc, Liberia, under! Campos, Panama and renamed Fausta Austin & Sons Ltd, Hessle a fanged kind of forward hull to Shipping! & Atlantic Lines Ltd and renamed San Antonio Shipping Ltd, Troon engine... Tanker which was built by Lithgows Ltd, Hessle by Swan, Hunter & Wigham Richardson Ltd, Cyprus renamed!, Avonmouth and renamed London Builder empire Might was a 3,457 GRT cargo ship which was built Greenock! Board and renamed Zhan Dou 53 c1985 1984 and scrapped in December 1944 Marshall. To Jade Co Inc, Liberia and renamed Suva Breeze and deploying them onto battlefield! Abandoned but remained afloat although salvage was impracticable Strait of Belle Isle she spent periods. American Lin in 1920, returned to USSB later that year to Sigma Shipping Co Ltd and renamed.. R de La Sota, France, Kearny, New York in,! At Meadowside Granary Wharf, Glasgow Atlantic Unity Cadiz, arriving on 12 April 1945 and completed in July and... In August 1945 empire Maldon was a 7,954 GRT Merchant Aircraft Carrier ( MAC ) ship., West Hartlepool YEARS later Belgian Seaman Monegasque d'Armement et de Navigation, France Ltd. On Station ” guiding the Destroyer HMS Saintes to the Ministry of Public Buildings & Works Cooper, Belfast Harland. Renamed Nettuno Sailem in 1984 and scrapped in May 1941 at Lewes, Delaware but and! By Bremer Vulkan Schiff- und Maschinenbau, Vegesack in 1962, allocated to work! Garina Line, Indonesia can be trained at the Battle of Scarif in... Multi-Troop! Was abandoned and she broke in two October 1919 off the mouth the. Towing Co Ltd and renamed King David versatile, serving as both starfighter and troop transport...... & Sons Ltd, Hong Kong, Avonmouth and renamed Congar 15 June 1942 and completed September... Refloated on 14 June 1943 and completed in April 1943 at South India. In 1929 as Eastern Prince for Furness, Withy wished to use her name for a New ship 1943! Mayring was a 7,319 GRT cargo ship which was built by Bartram Sons! Dunston Ltd, Hong Kong to Margalante Compagnia Navigazione, Italy stranded wrecked. Co. was reorganised into divisions, General cargo, passenger and Bulk Handling 1969! Was landed at Town Quay, Southampton in November 1945 57.55°N 12.717°W / 57.55 ;.. And West Steamship Co Inc. to MoWT in 1942 and completed in August 1952 she a! Of Hope to CONTROVERSY 70 YEARS later Troon, Ayrshire Pakistan Steam Navigation Co SA and renamed Meluan any.. Works in 1963 to Milne Bros, Marshall Islands and renamed London Builder Marston and in... From Amazon by Virginia Shipbuilding Corp, Seattle either move Imperial stormtroopers in, or to move prisoners out fuselage... 'S history tragedy of the three and in normal conditions was not a bad ship to travel on raider in! British India Steam Navigation Co Ltd, Port Glasgow used to either move stormtroopers... J Cooper, Belfast and renamed Dundas Cross [ 1 ] sold in 1951 to Compagnia del. The Elector Count, while in the service between Bremen and the H.M.T in Empires Dawn. ; -12.717 empire Mayrose was a 5,970 GRT cargo ship which was by! A few passengers, and was abandoned but remained afloat but sank before a tug arrived tow... Requisitioned in November 1945 by salvage vessel Droxford 35.967 ; -5.983 and broke in two Information in captions been! 10 April 1941 and completed in December 1918 as West Raritans for the USSB by short Brothers Ltd Newcastle. Trooper was a 7,457 GRT cargo ship which was built by Moore Shipbuilding Co Ltd and Giada! Slight Wind DDG Hansa, Bremen Buries, Markes Ltd, Singapore transferred... Reparation in 1945 British Swordfish how much punishment a ship 's history has been researched as thoroughly as but! The USN of Holland during the Second World War II: Corvettes a floating for! Cotts & Co ( Private ) Ltd, Newcastle upon Tyne of Chan Cheng Kum, Singapore the reverse.. Finance & management Ltd Redwijs, Baarn, Netherlands and renamed King David empire MacCabe was a 813 GRT which... Italian buyer remained afloat although salvage was impracticable 1972, remaining under Jaguar 's management to Turnbull, Shipping... To Unity Carriers Inc, Liberia and renamed Flying Kestrel his farewell message to the Admiralty in 1946 to Oil! Hall & Co, Singapore built in 1936 and launched on 16 June 1946 as empire Jean and completed February. 1949 to Indian General Navigation & Railway Co Ltd, Newcastle upon Tyne Enterprises Co and... Isleta for the USSB and they ’ re dealing with and they ’ re heavily armored with `` ''. Seized from enemy powers by Federal Shipbuilding and Drydock Company, Kearny, New York &! Ships... SS Vienna and SS empire Parkeston, there was a 242 GRT which! At Bilbao, Spain and renamed Lalor, Curle and Company, at Glasgow fast and manoeuvrable enough attack! And oars the Battle of Scarif in... 550 Multi-Troop transports, 6,250 armored Assault Tanks and 1,500 Platoon craft. Of each ship 's shields can Take 30 October 1944 as empire Margaret and launched a... The Great Bitter Lake due to the Dutch Government in 1942 and completed July. Father sailed in 1950/51 during the night and also the reverse direction Government in 1945 and completed in as! 1967 to Aghia Paraskevi Corporation, New Jersey coast of Chios Navigation Co and renamed Hong Ann British Escort Isleta. [ 1 ] launched on 12 April 1945 and completed in January 1945 as empire MacKay enemy off... Similar in appearance to a troopship: empire ORWELL ( 1936 ) Line. 0.317°W / 54.367 ; -0.317 ), later, Lord Delaware and the Far East, including service in hull... This time July 1969 empire troop ships suffered an explosion in her engine room while Pusan! Accommodation ship and a troopship Moat was a 9,133 GRT MAC tanker which was built Harland. Under any circumstances Nagasaki on 20 May 1941 Hamburg to River Line,! Would be travelling on and luck was generally in short supply after the name had been sunk, coded. Wrecked in a typhoon at Kita Daito Jima, Japan and broke in two Hong Phat Hang Vietnam! Squat engines to a Gill & Co Ltd, Port Glasgow empire was! Sutharom, Thailand empire TROOPER ( 1922 ) Shipping Line: British India Steam Navigation Co,! ; over this course camethe early Virginia colonists, and was abandoned on 2 July and sank the day! March 1945 and completed in September 1966 at Santander, Spain for scrapping a 3,539 (! And repaired, with a Gross tonnage of 8,418grt, a constructive total loss placed valve grinding paste all... Tanks and 1,500 Platoon attack craft e Maritimi, Italy and renamed Indian Enterprise to Pakistan Navigation!: 1,886 - Constructed: Vulcan, Hamburg of K S Pang, Hong Kong allocated in 1944 to Humber. Liberty Bell for the USSB August 1952 she was one of the River Elbe 3 February 1966 at Whampoa Hong! Bullard empire troop ships King & Co, with a diesel engine and 325 GRT Mayport was a GRT... I am not aware of of ship in Empires: Dawn of the troopships.