The gait depends on the correct position and movement. Based on these results, an analysis of the style of swimming and assessment of the necessary adjustments is made. The vest can also be instrumented. [59] describes the prototype of the so-called I-Living Assisted Living architecture, which includes various built-in devices such as sensors, actuators, displays, and Bluetooth-enabled medical device. Sens Rev. IEEE Trans. Wearable devices are also used for patient management and disease management. Pers. The detection process is occurring at room temperature (as opposed to MOS sensors). The described methods are still not applicable in mass practice. Rimminen, H., Lindström, J., Linnavuo, M., Sepponen, R.: Detection of falls among the elderly by a floor sensor using the electric near field. The most common reasons that can cause falling are obstacles at home and the aging. Numerous authors make analyses of experimental data from sensor systems used to monitor and demonstrate the functional capabilities of elderly people and analyze and produce statistics on how they change over time. The aging of the population is accompanied by increased occurrence and spread of chronic diseases, and hence a significant increase in healthcare costs. smart cards, biometrics, optical character recognition systems, barcode systems, etc.) 4555, pp. A, Shan, M., Li, X., Zhu, C., Zhang, J.: Gas concentration detection using ultrasonic based on wireless sensor networks. However, some MOS sensors need high operating temperature, which restricts their application. Due to such limitations, vision-based human activity recognition systems are not so well suited to most elderly care applications. The new concept of health monitoring is advanced by which health parameters are automatically monitored at home without disturbing daily activities. ESP32 connects device sensors and actuators through GPIO pins. Another class of biochemical sensors transduce the chemical tying into mechanical deformation. In numerous applications the location or the identity of an object is not enough and extra information is needed – it can be extracted from other parameters characterizing the environmental conditions. Service layer contains an e-health application, which analyses the received data and suggests methods to improve patient’s condition or give a prescription. In this paper, a review of IoT based smart health monitoring systems is presented. Despite extensive research for more than two decades, however, only a few breath sensors have been translated into clinical practice. Another method involves the use of predefined models with a large database and research results directly using knowledge engineering and management technologies. There is an ever-growing demand in the field of systems for monitoring with local processing or a network of sensors. This approach is applicable in order to follow physical movements such as workouts. In addition, it is desirable that the developed solutions would allow their evolvement into technical standards and future integrated platforms. Remote monitoring solution for high-risk seniors Lively Home helps senior members with chronic conditions live at home more safely. In: Proceedings of International Conference in Intelligent Maintenance Systems (IMS 2004), Arles, France (2004), Jackson, J.: Ready, aim, record: army’s prototype system uses RFID tags to track weapons use. In: Enhanced Living Environments: From Models to Technologies, pp. The system is also designed to have the ability to record events, activities, and various medical symptoms. Cooc, D., Schmitter-Edgecombe, M.: Assessing the quality of activities in a smart environment. The publication of Wang et al. Also, it is expected that every user could to adapt quickly and easily so that no constraints and difficulties arise. Klauk, H.: Organic Electronics: Materials, Manufacturing and Applications. Comput. The proposed assistance aims at increasing the autonomy and quality of life of the consumer and contributing to its social consolidation. The literature show that there is a great demand of producing an effective healthcare solution that monitor elderly people in their home and in real-time. Procedia Eng. 3–24. From them we get the necessary indicators about the position and movement of the test object at a given moment, the pulse, temperature, and so on. 3,5 Related systems that enable clinical decision-making have been used in the management of chronic conditions other than cancer. Planar semiconductor (CMOS technology) devices can be used as the foundation for biological and chemical sensors where sensing can occur optically or electrically. The drawback of this method comes from handling uncertainty and temporal information. Vis. The tags enveloped by moisture absorbing material are appropriate for mass production and low cost [3]. Soc. The focus of our work is on continuous monitoring of cardiac patients in hospital especially in ICU and in homes using healthcare monitoring system based on wireless sensor networks. Contemporary technology advancements, including electronics, digital embedded systems, wireless communications, and signal processing, have made it possible to develop sensor nodes with sensing, control, data processing, and networking features. It achieves various goals like decrease in cost and long hospital stays; and continuous and remote monitoring without experts’ attendance is possible. Sensors and wearables can be integrated into various accessories such as garments, hats, wrist bands, socks, shoes, eyeglasses and other devices such as … This device may be a dedicated computer or black box equipped with one or more wireless interface cards. Cedras, C., Shah, M.: Motion-based recognition: a survey. Patient monitoring systems are considered as a part of M-health technology. Arias, A.C., MacKenzie, J.D., McCulloch, I., Rivnay, J., Salleo, A.: Materials and applications for large area electronics: solution-based approaches. Nevertheless, regardless of the number of cameras installed, continuous monitoring is still restricted to the camera locations. In: Proceedings of 2nd International Conference on Information Science and Engineering (ICISE 2010), Hangzhou, China (2010). UAHCI 2007. The acquired sensor data is presented as time series of state changes. Gas sensors are a class of chemical sensors. They are attached to user’s body and are cheaper than the external sensors. These types of sensors use inertial measurement units to capture the object’s behavior. Planar Field Effect Transistors (FETs) can be converted to chemically sensitive sensors by adjusting their gate oxide with membranes or molecular receptors to sense an analyte of interest. Attenuation is the energy loss due to thermal losses and scattering when an acoustic wave propagates through a medium. In order to improve people’s lives, it is very important to reduce threats when people get older, such as detect and prevent falls. Another type of external sensors is the proximity sensors, which are used in fall detection systems. The physiological variables can be described as power, oxygen consumption, and others, to the physical variables: detach speed, acceleration, and fatigue index, and technical variables: starting time, correct execution of movements, correct gait, posture, etc. Biochemical sensors can convert a biological or chemical amount into an electrical signal. The technologies that are used in AAL are user-centric, that is, oriented to the potential needs of the particular consumer and integrated into the user’s immediate personal environment. The information was recorded and analyzed in an integrated data system. The platform is contextual, mobile, invisible, and adaptable supposing that the users are traced and identified in space thanks for the wearable device as watch, bag, cups or other embedded accessory in clothing. Different researchers do experiments using systems to monitor daily activities, activity, exercises and medical tests. Breath sensors can revolutionize medical diagnostics by on-demand detection and monitoring of health parameters in a noninvasive and personalized fashion. PWC 2006. There are multiple types of sensors available for activity monitoring (contact sensors, accelerometers, audio and motion detectors etc.). One of the major projects in the field is Intel’s fashionable smart home [43]. In: Lin, Y.L., Kyung, C.M., Yasuura, H., Liu, Y. Foremost among all is the factor of security. Yang, L., Rongwei, D., Staiculescu, D., Wong, C.P., Tentzeris, M.M. Ruskova, I.N., Gieva, E.E. : Head impact exposure in collegiate football players. (eds.) : Smart Sensors and Sensing Technology. (ed.) Springer, Heidelberg (2010). Compared to other identification systems (e.g. Kim, S.-J., et al. Science. Smart Sensors and Systems, pp. According to the American, Heart Association (2007), 49% of Americans use prescription drugs. The use of such technologies at home or at home-like setting is still in its infancy, but this method is one of the most promising approaches to facilitate the independent living of the elderly people. Depending on the type of sensor, there are two categories of activity recognition sensors. Healey and others [54] presented a monitoring prototype system that can record, transmit and analyze permanent echocardiogram data. Development of technology and research are directed towards systems for fall detection, detection of pressure to a chair or bed, video monitoring, motion and tilt sensors and devices, accelerometers, smart clock with gyroscopes or worn on the belt [45]. Another part of the research is directed to the development of invasive methods for the delivery and analysis of blood micro-bleeds. So far these are relatively separate areas of research and development. One approach for handling the data generated by the networks of sensors is to use a platform of dedicated servers for collecting and processing information originating from the sensors. Review State-of-the-art and Market Analysis, Version 1.1 (2001). In general, optical sensors could attain better selectivity, sensitivity, and stability in comparison to non-optical methods. The first measure to be taken into account is to conduct a detailed analysis of the house and to identify the possible reasons which may lead to injuries. Thin membrane transducers have a couple of valuable characteristics: (1) they are stronger and more solid than cantilever beams and they are very responsive to surface reaction, which allows easy functionalization by using mainstream printing techniques, and (2) the sensing surface is physically separated from the electrical detection surface, which is suitable for accurate low-noise measurements of capacitance [19]. Patients who use electrically powered wheelchairs can move freely. The huge amount of generated data could be processed by using cloud services, i.e. They include Amazon’s Echo Show and video monitoring cameras like Blurams.Also, motion sensor devices such as EnvoyAtHome for complete monitoring.. As the number of people over the age of sixty grows, most want to stay in their homes as long as possible. Polymer sensors detect volatile organic compounds such as alcohols, formaldehyde, aromatic compounds or halogenated compounds. The transmitter uses a microcontroller which detects the patient’s pulse and converts it to a voltage signal and then displayed. As a result, the technology adapts to the user, not vice versa. SHTT-116009-telemedicine-and-mobile-health--how-digital-era-is-changing-_062017 (1).pdf, Chapter 21- Evolving Trends in Telehealth.rtf, Liberty Christian Academy, Lynchburg • NURS 521, Long Island University, Brooklyn • NURSING 460, Design, Implementation, and Evaluation of Population-Specific Telehealth Nursing Services..pdf, HIM3018IntroductiontoHealthInformatics8-Chapter8.docx, University of West Florida • NURSING 3081. To compensate the computational cost, images are usually compacted and with smaller pixels in a pre-processing stage. Appl. The limit of detection is characterized as the minimum concentration of the target molecules to be detected by the sensor. Therefore, for smart sensor development, the manufacturing should be low cost, high output and with short fabrication cycles [1]. Intelligent sensors and devices use has preference in comparison to the more important than human interaction. collection, storage and processing of the information received. The main thing is to perform an analysis during training and to have an interaction between the trainer and the sportsperson thus giving more help in a competitive environment and in sport. The combination of semiconductor and information technologies enabled the use of huge amounts of sensors to be deployed anywhere, not just where electronics and power infrastructure exists, but anywhere valuable information is gathered regarding variety of characteristics a given object or thing. : AALaaS/ELEaaS platforms (Healthcare Technologies, 2017) (Chap. The most popular communication standard is the IEEE 802.15.4 standard (ZigBee and 6LoWPAN). Rev. Activity monitoring systems. CNT sensors demonstrate ppm-levels response for a range of gases at room temperature, which makes them perfect for low power applications. Inf Technol. : Conformable amplified lead zirconate titanate sensors with enhanced piezoelectric response for cutaneous pressure monitoring. 109–125. : Head impact biomechanics in youth hockey: comparisons across playing position, event types, and impact locations. The methods for gas sensing that are based on variation of non-electrical properties include optical, calorimetric, gas chromatograph, and acoustic sensing. Comput. Each module consists of sensors, Analog to Digital Converter (ADC), Radio Frequency, computing elements, circuitry and hybrid power supplies. RFID technology has numerous applications such as tracking of assets and people, healthcare, agriculture, environment monitoring, etc. : Accelerometry: providing an integrated, practical method for long-term, ambulatory monitoring of human movement. sensor network platforms. These sensors analyze athlete movements, force and position of the hands. The interconnection between two or more sensors present in the same system is called sensor fusion. Inertial sensors at the top of the stick analyze the movements of the stick in the hands and linear potentiometers can be used to analyze the position of the hands on the stick and deflection of the stick at the time of the strike [102]. RFID has many advantages since it is cost and power efficient, withstands severe physical environments, permits concurrent identification, and does not require line-of-sight (LoS) for communication. Then a preventive checklist can be developed to minimize the risk of fall. 1–5. Here are, some of the facts about medication management and compliance in the United. RFID systems are primarily used for identification of objects or tracking their location without delivering information about the object and its physical condition. Contactless sensor systems provide 24-h surveillance of the elderly in their homes by collecting data from different sensors and fusing them from the so- “Data aggregators”. Unfortunately, a fall detection system does not detect all fall cases. It acquires immense importance in helping elderly people who live alone in their own homes and need care [44]. Lu, S.-S., Chen, H.-C.: Wireless CMOS bio-medical SoCs for DNA/protein/glucose sensing. At present, the objective is to transduce (sense), acquire (collect), and analyze (process) information from various objects around us in order to ensure optimal resource consumption.