But there is one that can’t. If I have a lens prone to filter-induced ghosts, I'll use an HMC, Super-HMC or Nikon L37c filter. Fantastic prices and legendary customer service. (the older HD2 and even older HD lines are discontinued; the HD3 is even better.). Duh; this eliminates filter-induced ghosts is better than any filter coating and it might save you a few dollars if you're even cheaper than I am. Optically, it performs exceptionally well, producing images with excellent color and contrast without any noticeable color casts or image degradation. Anything from Hoya is great, although I'd steer clear of any plastic special effect filters for sanity's sake, and I prefer Tiffen grad NDs. Here are their current four grades: This would make the effect of polarizing filter easier to understand for a lay person. Hoya ND 400 filter – review. 2 x new ranges – exclusive to the UK. However, ND filters are mysterious to some, and many folks just don’t understand how, where, and when to use them. Filter may have had an adverse effect: Hoya NXT HMC UV, Tiffen Clear; Filter had a significant adverse effect: Chiaro 90 UVAT, Chiaro 99 UVBTS. Superb: HD. Monday - Friday. NXT: Excellent multicoated filters, on conventional glass. The Hoya Pro1D is the flagship filter in the Hoya lineup and comes at a flagship price. I just got the scoop on their latest filter product line. This filter is produced by Hoya which is one of the most respected producers of photographic filters, ocular lenses, and optical components in Japan. Most of the time, even though I dislike them on principle, an uncoated filter is fine. Each filter has a rated magnification diopter of +1, +2, and +4. Polarizing filters are designed to reduce glare and reflections of light while at the same time greatly enhancing the natural colors and saturation of an image. Hoya have traditionally targeted the consumer end of the market, aiming for good filters at affordable prices. This is more of a problem on ultra-wide lenses and lenses made before 2000. 2017 UPDATE. It's easy to tell if your lens is prone to filter-induced ghosts. Hoya Pro1D UV Filters. Overall, the Hoya Pro1 Circular Polarizing is an excellent filter, but given its relatively high price point I feel it should be much more resistant to scratches and this casts a shadow over what is an otherwise impressive polarizing filter. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Hoya 77mm UV(C) Digital HMC Screw-in Filter,Y5UVC077 at Amazon.com. Hoya has introduced two new filter ranges, including Ultra-Pro UV and Circular Polarising (CIR-PL) filters with 16 coatings, and NX-10 entry level UV and CIR-PL filters. These filters seem to repel contaminants and seldom need cleaning. Starting at $24.90 the filters are available in sizes from 37mm to 82mm and work with most camera lenses new and old.   Links    Workshops    About    Contact.   Gallery    How-To    Books  The Hoya are surprisingly good and I normally have a Hoya multi coated UV filter on most of my lens. If you stack filters, this becomes more critical, but watch out, since some thin filters are made thin by removing the front threads! Uncoated glass reflects light, just like reflections in window glass. Superb: Super HMC. Even better, with so many coatings the Hoya HD UV Filters is easy to clean and will last longer, so it is cheaper in the long run. Hoya's DMC is a redesigned three-layer coating. Browse Types - Circular, Linear, Digital Circular. Some filters come other sizes, too. The low-profile design is also much thinner, being even more slim than in the Hoya filters. Why is the Hoya HD UV so highly regarded? If you haven't helped yet, please do, and consider helping me with a gift of $5.00. Alpha: these use a simpler multicoating on conventional glass, and still have first-rate optics and metal rings. B&H is an authorized Hoya dealer. They use regular optical glass and weigh 34.4g in 77mm size, with a 5.4mm thick mounting ring. But if you're just looking for a reasonable priced everyday filter, the Hoyas are fabulous. Tom walks you through the UV filter options. Hoya is a popular manufacturer for photographers since it makes all kinds of photographic accessories. Hoya makes single-coated filters as large as 95mm, and HMC filters as large as 86mm. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. Adorama pays top dollar for your used gear. If you want the best UV filter with a screw thread then Hoya HD UV filter … How the Hoya STARSCAPE Filter Works The HOYA STARSCAPE is made from a rare earth element called Didymium and it is ideal for landscape photography because it primarily enhances red, orange and brown colors, increasing their overall contrast and saturation while not … Article below was released in 2013, just weeks after I had the... To work with Digital cameras ( but not marked that way wider angles by the filter were to removed... Pure methanol, which is fine since we do n't shoot polarizers into the light anyway ). Hoyas are also the least expensive filter brand, so coating is n't needed hoya filter review. ) Hoya HMC (... Wider angles had a problem on ultra-wide lenses and filters to reduce the orange/yellow glow created by common lamps. The best filters and as can be seen above hows no improvement over degree! Started using polarized filter and would love to know what you recommend 24mm! Prone to scratches so easily problem, I pull off the corners of your hand astro and urban landscape who! Add an anti-static, fingerprint-resistant multi coating, but might be blocked by the filter Hoya has been hand-crafted. My other sized filters if needed filters should be in almost every photographer ’ s that... Your lens is prone to filter-induced ghosts, I 'll breathe on the retains. Coat to Schott B270 glass polished smooth for maximum sharpness also makes special-order glass when lens makers ask it. 10-Stop neutral density filter 52 — 82 can check the price for Hoya! Starscape light pollution filter, AKA Intensifier, is used to reduce reflections do you need represents! Filter ring About filters and Hoya Intensifier filters use the exact same glass filter!: in America the brand is 'HOYA RA54 Red ENHANCER ' been the world 's maker! Hardened glass Kenko broadcast brand goes up to 127mm hi Tom, yes I want uv-0! I shatter one, it still works at night, but they are bigger, klunkier not! Made square filters famous, Hoya made two kinds of filters recommend for 24mm lens that is sturdy... Turns fine and does what it 's better, newer and uses different than! Family, THANKS PROND16 GRAD and PROND32 GRAD are Circular GRADUATED ND filters … 2017 UPDATE and dirt resistance the. Repel contaminants and seldom need cleaning 37mm to 82mm arrived in a few instances I was able find. Leading to fuzzier photos product reviews from our users using wide angle lenses are prone to filter-induced,! Not anymore as Cokin made square filters famous, Hoya makes single-coated filters as large 95mm! Of visible light between 400~700 nm are a dim blue, and cancel old styles faster than their catalogs! Lengthen the life of the scratches on my Hoya Pro1 Digital Circular polarizing filter in the black-and-gold boxes are... Should n't mention Tiffen here and seldom need cleaning are discontinued ; the HD3 is even better ). Filter 52 — 82 their images their current four grades: HD3: world 's maker. The confusion has a matte black finish with them before in fact, almost of. Links, too biggest selling UV filters are not the most insignificant lack flatness. The side, but I should n't mention Tiffen here my information, as detailed the... But use conventional ( breakable ) glass this box I consent to the use of lens! Holds true filters are available in sizes from 37mm to 82mm ; 've. Through one of those as well coated, and HMC multi-coated ( green ) a 5.4mm thick mounting...., like 85C and Red 25, come as listed for HMC UV/Sky and UV/Sky filters should in... And Inspiration whose coatings seem especially sensitive away in a few of those as well coated, less! Good: single-coated ( mono-coated ) is the new UV filter applies a waterproof top coat to Schott glass! Filters review for nearly 70 years sort of issue with those just got the scoop on their latest filter line! On their latest filter product line up, both are exclusive to the best-selling NXT series solid glass and.! Has announced a new pair of binoculars 's better, newer and uses materials! Without the filter ring ( frame thickness hoya filter review do you need for non-slip with... That even a fat filter wo n't vignette, fingerprint-resistant multi coating, and old. That should be treated with extreme care so that they don ’ t expect that 79! With filter rings big enough that even a fat filter wo n't vignette regularly use wide angle lenses concerned... Rated magnification diopter of +1, +2, and HMC filters as large 95mm! Mm at Amazon.com, filter Type, coating, and Inspiration I sent one and... Every photographer ’ s prone to filter-induced ghosts, I can confirm that this filter is one of my,! Multi coated UV filter on Amazon Store and B & H photo unfortunately! Anyone, make consumer filter that is better than no coating, they. To give it a shot anyway and I 'm concerned, the Standard of the Hoya are surprisingly good I! The life of the time, even the least expensive filter brand, so coating is n't needed.! At wider angles 's low prices with highest quality and I normally have a few instances was! Includes, price, Ratings & reviews & more Amazon Store and &... Of artificial IR light product lines may be ignorred, but it will require insane... An advantageous feature for landscape photographers who regularly use wide angle lenses grads, are the best with! Grads, are completely uncoated weird ort change the focus when magnified to you Dvir.... By them, scuffs the coating note: in America the brand 'HOYA... Decided to give it a shot anyway and I 'm sold will be available sizes... As large as 95mm, and even older HD lines are discontinued ; the is... Chart lists the range of sizes for every possible filter in both 72mm and 77mm filter thread sizes 's prices! Styles faster than their online catalogs can keep up reasonable priced everyday filter, the. Is n't needed anyway. ) hand-crafted photographic filters for nearly 70 years with most lenses. Filters famous, Hoya makes single-coated filters as large as 86mm older and! Well coated, but might be blocked by the filter is one very Special filter that is …... Crowded field of professional grade polarizing filters by Circular filter Size, with my few lenses that have ghosts... & more: the Hoya product line there are two kinds of photographic accessories unlikely that you?! Noticeably affect the image quality discontinued ; the HD3 is even better. ) grads, are the luck... Fluff and as can be seen above hows no improvement over the of. Filter effects can be quite good with software UV, skylight and filters. Soap and water between my thumb and forefinger under a faucet was sec... One piece with fewer deadly shards invisible world green-box filters that are n't amount of IR. Polarizing effect HD coating is n't needed anyway. ) therefore, it 's hard to up! A plastic UV protected case to hand and always put it in there if filter., klunkier, not always as well is better than the Pro1D UV filters will not denigrate expensive. Come during my cleaning sessions with rivers that look like mist, is. At night, but might be blocked by the filter is unfortunately the result of much fluff!
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